#Transgenders are #normal and teach us #authenticity

#Transgenders are #normal and teach us #authenticity

I don’t care what they say. I don’t care if they tell you you’re not normal.

Please let go of their judgement, their hate, their pettiness, their narrow mind and constricted heart.

I don’t care if you’re different.

I don’t care if you’re weird.

I don’t care if you do not conform to the standards of advertisement and society.

I don’t care if you were born a man and became a woman or if you were born a woman and became a man.

I don’t care at all because underneath everything… we are all humans. One big family. One. Just one.

Please watch “Transgender (Ask Teal Episode on Transgender and Transsexuality) – Teal Swan” if you want to know how transgenders teach us authenticity.

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