How to prevent our #children and #teens from drinking #alcohol ?

How to prevent our #children and #teens from drinking #alcohol ?

My parents never warned me about the dangers of alcohol. Nevertheless, I do not drink a single drop. How?

Simply because I witnessed how alcohol can be deadly. Three teenagers I knew died when I was in high school because they had drunk before driving home. I witnessed the erratic behavior of drunk people at parties. I tried to drink this beverage and was disgusted by the taste.

In my humble opinion, being open to our children about the damages of alcohol is the best prevention. We cannot be behind their backs 24/7. However, we can speak to them like the intelligent beings they are. We can explain how alcohol hurts the brain and the whole body, how it has the capacity to ruin people’s lives.

Lastly, I feel the best way to prevent our children and teenagers from drinking alcohol is simply to be sober. Do not drink. Lead by example.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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