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How #yoga saved me from #backpain Thank you @YogaWithAdriene

How #yoga saved me from #backpain Thank you @YogaWithAdriene

Walking miles and miles while carrying a heavy load (vegetables from the market) hurt my back.

If yoga helped me this is because I have been practicing regularly for over 13 years now. Yoga makes my body flexible and strong.

Thank you yoga, you prevented me from spending money on medical bills.

Thank you to the youtube channel Yoga With Adriene.

My favorite videos to ease back pain are “Yoga For Back Pain – Yoga Basics“, “Yoga For Lower Back Pain” and “Heart And Hips Practice | Hands Free Yoga | Yoga With Adriene“.

My friend my sister, enjoying a warm bath is also a nice treat, especially when adding sea salt in it 🙂

What do you think my friend my sister?

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