Do what is most difficult first #organiselife

Do what is most difficult first #organiselife

Every morning, I ride my bike to go to the farmers’ market, to go grocery shopping at the supermarket, to pay my bills, to run errands.

I make a point of doing what is most difficult first. Such a productivity secret helps me to do what I love the most afterwards.

I do not eat before my important tasks are completed.

I usually record youtube videos before noon.

After my big meal at noon, I am free to write on my blog. The afternoon is dedicated to the children.

I highly recommend these two great videos. The first one is “The Morning Routine For Success | Marisa Peer” and the second one: “Earn Your Food- Nothing Till 4“.


What is #livingfood and my great tip before starting

What is #livingfood and my great tip before starting

Yesterday in my women circle The Spirals, one topic came naturally: living food. Living food encompasses fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, seaweed, fermented veggies, green juices and smoothies.

I have a playlist called Magical food and another one to inspire you called Recipes (over 60 of them).

I invite you to check Markus Rothkranz channel for lots of resources and Kate Magic great books about raw vegan lifestyle:

Raw Magic: Superfoods for Superpeople

Eat Smart Eat Raw

Raw Living

Raw Magic: Recipes for the Revolution

My friend my sister, our colon is like a second brain. The issue is it gets overwhelmed by toxicity with stress, chemicals, constipation and so on.

Therefore, I strongly encourage you to think about doing enemas and colonics beforehand.



A #miracle happened

A #miracle happened

More than 5 years ago now, I read the amazing book May Cause Miracles now by Gabrielle Bernstein. I loved it so much that it was my duty to gift it to someone I love so that the good vibes can flow into another life.

A miracle happened in my life. I thought I was in danger and stuck. However, my generous neighbor helped me to make my landlord travel from another country to Tunisia and sign a power of attorney in favor of his cousin, to whom I had been paying the rent since I arrived in the house. Moreover I now pay my rent by check, instead of cash. The solution appeared in my life, easily and effortlessly.

May your life be blessed with as many miracles as possible my friend my sister.

Why and how to record our #dreams to learn their message?

Why and how to record our #dreams to learn their message?

I had the weirdest dream yesterday. The only reason why I am able to talk about it is because I always keep a pen and paper on my night table. It has been said that dreams are a key to our subconscious. Do you believe it? Did you remember an interesting dream lately?

Nothing to #eat ? Wait! Improvised #fast

Nothing to #eat ? Wait! Improvised #fast

When I discovered The Inner Child deck of cards, my first impression were purity, freshness and innocence. I am obsessed with everything white, with purity and with fresh living foods.

One day I was stuck in a palace in Bucharest for work. We did not go outside of the building for lunch. Instead, we had to pick one of many between ready-made plates, full of meat and unfresh veggies. I decided not to eat. I was very hungry in the evening and the first thing I ate was grapes. They tasted like heaven.

This experience introduced me to improvised fasting, which later turned into intermittent fasting. I never thought I would be able to fast as a recovered bulimic. Fasting is a way of purifying my body and my spirit.

This is my favorite card from the deck and I am grateful for @mes_merveilleuses_fragilites who introduced me to it:

the inner child deck

Protect your #money my friend my sister

Protect your #money my friend my sister

I use to pay my rent in cash to my landlord’s cousin. I had just arrived in a new country. I had a million things to do. I have my two children to take care of. Then it hit me. Girl, come on! You are putting yourself in a dangerous place. The landlord could say I never paid him.

Even if everybody is nice and smiling, we have the responsibility to protect our money my friend my sister.

With the amazing and generous help of my neighbor, I manged to have my landlord come from another country and sign a power of attorney in favor of his cousin. Moreover I now pay my rent by check.

In what areas of your life could you use some assertiveness to protect your money my friend my sister?

I am thankful for the #Internet and how it can save lives #gratitude

I am thankful for the #Internet and how it can save lives #gratitude

Did you see how Jay Shetty received his award? Check out the video “Jay Shetty Wins Health and Wellness – Streamys 2018“.

I love how he dedicated it to the people who did not commit suicide thanks to his videos. This is why I love the Internet. It offers us so many possibilities. For us and for others.

Purple #juice experiment or when wild cactus fruits meet dandelion leaves

Purple #juice experiment or when wild cactus fruits meet dandelion leaves

My son and I went on a magnificent bike ride, soaking in the soft sun rays and amazing bright afternoon light. Along the road, we picked some wild cactus fruits.

I could not wait to experiment with these beauties. However I did not want to create a 100% fruit juice because I do not want to make my insulin levels peak.

So I added a nice bunch of dandelion leaves freshly picked from the garden.

The result? An out-of-this-world color, a dense and mesmerizing purple.

My lesson? Use a powerful blender only for this type of recipe, like the vitamix or blentec. I own a cheap blender which was not able to pulverize the seeds not the spikes of the cactus fruits.

When my daughter makes me sad or a #mummy on a #mission

When my daughter makes me sad or a #mummy on a #mission

I understand why my daughter dreams of the next pair of sneakers. You can be a bit materialistic when you are a teenager. However I feel a bit sad when she says she liked it when I was working in a law firm. Even though we did not see each other, I was earning money.

Today I am looking for a way to earn money through my creations, my videos, my books and teaching French on Skype. I am on a mission to empower women. I cannot fulfill my mission if I go back to the corporate world, even more so because I know it was making me ill. I had a burnout before I left the law firm. I feel I am now so much healthier and happier. I need to find a way to pay my rent and buy shoes to my beloved daughter once in a while.

Of expressing our #emotions or thank you #musicians

Of expressing our #emotions or thank you #musicians

I watched the amazing interview of Alexi Panos by Lisa Bilyeu “This Is How You Find Happiness After Sexual Assault | Alexi Panos on Women of Impact“. After experiencing rape, Alexi Panos shared that she pretended nothing happened. It was the only way to survive after such trauma. I can totally relate. I was the queen of playing pretend, of keeping a happy face even when I was dying inside.

The message for me was that it is of utmost importance to express our emotions, instead of keeping them trapped inside. One way to express my sadness is listening to music. I am highly sensitive to sound. I cry within minutes when I listen to a beautiful piano piece.