Nothing to #eat ? Wait! Improvised #fast

Nothing to #eat ? Wait! Improvised #fast

When I discovered The Inner Child deck of cards, my first impression were purity, freshness and innocence. I am obsessed with everything white, with purity and with fresh living foods.

One day I was stuck in a palace in Bucharest for work. We did not go outside of the building for lunch. Instead, we had to pick one of many between ready-made plates, full of meat and unfresh veggies. I decided not to eat. I was very hungry in the evening and the first thing I ate was grapes. They tasted like heaven.

This experience introduced me to improvised fasting, which later turned into intermittent fasting. I never thought I would be able to fast as a recovered bulimic. Fasting is a way of purifying my body and my spirit.

This is my favorite card from the deck and I am grateful for @mes_merveilleuses_fragilites who introduced me to it:

the inner child deck

What do you think my friend my sister?

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