Purple #juice experiment or when wild cactus fruits meet dandelion leaves

Purple #juice experiment or when wild cactus fruits meet dandelion leaves

My son and I went on a magnificent bike ride, soaking in the soft sun rays and amazing bright afternoon light. Along the road, we picked some wild cactus fruits.

I could not wait to experiment with these beauties. However I did not want to create a 100% fruit juice because I do not want to make my insulin levels peak.

So I added a nice bunch of dandelion leaves freshly picked from the garden.

The result? An out-of-this-world color, a dense and mesmerizing purple.

My lesson? Use a powerful blender only for this type of recipe, like the vitamix or blentec. I own a cheap blender which was not able to pulverize the seeds not the spikes of the cactus fruits.

When my daughter makes me sad or a #mummy on a #mission

When my daughter makes me sad or a #mummy on a #mission

I understand why my daughter dreams of the next pair of sneakers. You can be a bit materialistic when you are a teenager. However I feel a bit sad when she says she liked it when I was working in a law firm. Even though we did not see each other, I was earning money.

Today I am looking for a way to earn money through my creations, my videos, my books and teaching French on Skype. I am on a mission to empower women. I cannot fulfill my mission if I go back to the corporate world, even more so because I know it was making me ill. I had a burnout before I left the law firm. I feel I am now so much healthier and happier. I need to find a way to pay my rent and buy shoes to my beloved daughter once in a while.

Of expressing our #emotions or thank you #musicians

Of expressing our #emotions or thank you #musicians

I watched the amazing interview of Alexi Panos by Lisa Bilyeu “This Is How You Find Happiness After Sexual Assault | Alexi Panos on Women of Impact“. After experiencing rape, Alexi Panos shared that she pretended nothing happened. It was the only way to survive after such trauma. I can totally relate. I was the queen of playing pretend, of keeping a happy face even when I was dying inside.

The message for me was that it is of utmost importance to express our emotions, instead of keeping them trapped inside. One way to express my sadness is listening to music. I am highly sensitive to sound. I cry within minutes when I listen to a beautiful piano piece.

Safe and easy? The #Universe does not like it or lesson from #TheEmpoweredWoman

Safe and easy? The #Universe does not like it or lesson from #TheEmpoweredWoman

In her great book The Empowered Woman, Kate Magic writes: “The universe doesn’t like it when we play it safe , so then things are more likely to become stuck and stagnant“.

I remind myself to be like water, flowing effortlessly along.

I work on trusting the universe whenever I feel anxiety rising.

Always moving. Reminding myself I am not stuck. Reminding myself of the grace and beauty all around me, supporting me in my endeavours.

Of the magnificence of men or the family nested in an olive tree hollow

Of the magnificence of men or the family nested in an olive tree hollow

On the walk to school, a big street dog used to rest next to a very old olive tree with a wide trunk.

One day we discovered a dog family nested inside the tree hollow.

Attracted by the lovely puppies, we went to admire them a little bit too close. What a mistake!

The dad made us aware of our trespassing by barking loudly. He looked like the great protector of his wife who was breastfeeding the babies.

The sweet little dog family and the strong male dog made me think about the grandeur of men, the men who dare to be the solid rock on which their wife can lean on when she feels vulnerable.

To these amazing men, I have two words: #thankyou


What is the trap of #motherhood ? of #guilt and responsibility

What is the trap of #motherhood ? of #guilt and responsibility

My children teach me something about myself every day.

Motherhood means a permanent struggle not to fall into the easy trap of guilt.

I am responsible for the way I parent my kids.

I am responsible for the choice I make to practice self-care because without it I cannot be the mum I want to be for them.