My top 3 magical foods during menstruation #femininemoon

My top 3 magical foods during menstruation #femininemoon

I use the power of plants to take extra care of myself during menstruation.

First, I love spinach because it is so rich in iron. Spinach and bananas make a perfect smoothie.

Then beetroots will help regenerate the blood and detoxify the liver. I mix beetroots and cucumbers for a pink juice.

Lastly, are you aware of the benefits of parsley? Parsley is rich in calcium and full of vitamin C, even more so when it is consumed raw as vitamin C is destroyed by heat. I add it to my smoothie and to my juice as well.

My top 3 magical foods during menstruation #femininemoon

My top 3 magical foods during menstruation #femininemoon


#Book review Wild Power by Alexandra Pope #divinefeminine

#Book review Wild Power by Alexandra Pope #divinefeminine

As a woman you are coded for power“. Wow! Wild power is a book you cannot forget.

Wild power introduces you to “the inner powers of the menstrual cycle, and how to work with it as an inner guide and a tool for creating wellbeing“. Now this is women empowerment!

The “power of cyclical consciousness” lies in aligning our way of behaving and creating with the key phases of our cycle. The goal is to organize our life around our moon, our own rhythm.

Alexandra Pope has very interesting key concepts in her book Wild Power.

First, the Inner Seasons of the cycle are the phases of menstruation, pre-ovulation, ovulation and the premenstruum.

Second, the Two Vias (two ways of doing and being) are “the two currents of energy within the menstrual cycle“: expansion of energy from menstruation to ovulation or the Masculine Way (the via positiva) and contraction of energy from ovulation to menstruation or the Feminine Way (the via negativa). While ovulation relates to our place within the world, menstruation tackles our divinity inside. I see them as two poles within us. Maybe this is why women are more of a cyclical nature, contrary to the linear way of men (and society).

Third, the Five Chambers of Menstruation are Separation, Surrender, Renewal, Visioning, Clarity and Direction. Every woman is different of course, but the Five Chambers are roughly the five days of menstruation.

By separating ourselves from the world, going inside and resting, we surrender and regenerate our body. Thus comes the vision of our purpose, cleverly followed by practical guidance from our intuition about what to do next. Wild Power means that thanks to our moon, you can “receive a vision or monthly download for your life’s direction“. How revolutionary! Everything makes sense. During the via positiva, we plant seeds and we take action. During the via negativa, we gently slow down and reap the benefits. Each monthly period can open our mind to new ideas and insights, if we allow it by slowing the pace.

I thought it very interesting that Alexandra Pope wrote: “the collective power of women coming together can birth something quite original that can’t be easily known or accessed on our own. Patriarchy understood this perfectly, and the two ways it managed to control women were to separate us from each other and vilify, demonize and stamp out our ways and practices.” Is this why the #witch is always an ugly old woman in children’s books? To ridicule women who know how herbs and plants work for instance?

However, far from angry feminism, Wild Power aims at creating more harmonious relationships between men and women thanks to the return of such an ancient knowledge.

As regards to PMS, I understood that experiencing pain is the result of believing we can keep going 24/7. Indeed, “the cycle itself isn’t the problem; instead, it’s revealing a problem.”

I wish I knew it in my 20s when I was popping painkillers every month: “Much of what we label PMS is a sign that you’re run down.” Therefore, reducing our stress levels will reduce the painful symptoms by soothing the nervous system. “Rest is the revolution that’s going to power your life, and menstruation is The Ultimate Time for getting it.” Talk about a sacred task! I never thought of rest in this way. Resting to connect to the inner guidance. How beautiful.

Indeed, this is crucial because of the very nature of menstruation which is “the time to abandon all responsibilities and do nothing. There is some power in allowing ourselves to do nothing for a change. It’s the moment for rest, repair and renewal“. It’s also a way of modelling self-care for our daughters so we give them permission to slow down during their moon.

Menopause is another fascinating subject, because I have the deep intuition that it means so much more than society has made us believe. According to Alexandra Pope, menopause is when a woman becomes “the full revelation of [her] Wild Power in service of the World“.

My friend my sister, would you be interested in an interview about menopause with a lovely guest for instance? Let me know! Meanwhile, enjoy the great book Wild Power by Alexandra Pope.

Eat the rainbow salad #rawvegan #recipe

Eat the rainbow salad #rawvegan #recipe

Why is it worth eating a rainbow? Because the more colors a raw vegan salad has, the more nutrients you get: vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Enjoy your rainbow sister!




How my biggest fear became my absolute happiness? #freedom

How my biggest fear became my absolute happiness? #freedom

My biggest fears were being abandoned, lonely, not belonging. I spent my whole childhood worrying about being left out and rejected by my mother.

A wise way to overcome such a fear of abandonment would have been to look at it in the eyes and process it. However, life made me experienced it directly. I had to bear the heavy responsibility of taking care of two children by myself.

Out of these circumstances emerged a brand-new feeling, like a diamond out of charcoal: I was free. I cherish my freedom so much now. I did not see I was free before, because I was dependent upon others to validate my sheer existence.

May you be free my friend my sister. May you be healthy. May you be happy.

Update on my #lovelife (or its absence)

Update on my #lovelife (or its absence)

I received an email from a man with whom I had a short but very nice relationship. Indeed, he was the first normal man, non abusive, with whom I started to build a story.

His email was actually a reply to one I sent him. I was asking him for forgiveness because I left the relationship after a few months in an abrupt manner. I am aware that it was shocking to him and I deeply regret what I did.

He wrote that he experienced lots of sadness, but also anger. By reading The Knot in the Spiral, he discovered a past that he did not know about. I did not unveil my past to him because it does not define who I am. It was still the early stages of the relationship so I would have talked to him about what happened later. So his anger came from discovering that someone had hurt me so much in the past. He wrote to me that it was difficult for him to accept that.

This is so weird. When I read his email, I felt I could see myself from the eyes of another person. I felt so much compassion for the woman I was, always trying to please others to the point of neglecting her own basic needs (like sleep).

My friend, my sister, if you are alone like I am, I feel you and I understand you. I have been single for 8 years. However, my deep intuition is that I am entering a new time period, in which I will be able to build a relationship with a great man. For this to happen, I need first to convince myself that I deserve it.

How to make a yummy healthy #salad #dressing? easy #raw recipe

How to make a yummy healthy #salad #dressing? easy #raw recipe

Have you ever tried to replace apple cider vinegar or lemon with orange juice in an olive oil salad dressing? I love it!




Review of my #youtubechannel after one year #ClaireSamuelinEnglish

Review of my #youtubechannel after one year #ClaireSamuelinEnglish

I started the youtube channel Claire Samuel in English in 2016. Something Ralph Smart said stuck to me: “Where would you be one year later if you started now?“. However, I was a legal intern on top of being a single mother of two, so I did not have time to upload daily on youtube.

2018 marks a rebirth. I decided to quit my job and change my life around. I now choose to finally do what I loved to do, while being present for my dear children.

For a year, I did not look at the number of subscribers nor the views. The goal was to do what I love, not what attracts views. My aim is still the same: to speak with integrity from the heart, because it feels good doing so.

I finally decided to do a review of the channel Claire Samuel in English at the end of 2018 to see how my audience responded to my work. Honestly, this is not what I expected because there is no real trend. I cannot say if people prefer when I talk about living food or about positive education.

Therefore, I shall continue to do what I love, knowing it will attract the right people. In my humble opinion, having a youtube channel and being healthy and happy means having fun in recording videos.



Amazing game to play with our #children #selfawareness @etincelles_d_ames

Amazing game to play with our #children #selfawareness @etincelles_d_ames

Angie from @etincelles_d_ames on Instagram shared a very interesting game to play with our children in the form of questions. Please find them below together with my kids’ answers.

1. What does Mummy always say to you?

My son: “In life we are supposed to do what we love”.

My daughter: “Practice self-care”.

2. What does Mummy love?

My son: “Healthy yummy food, me”.

My daughter: “Her children, living food, yoga”.

3. What does Mummy do not love?

My son: “When I fight with my sister, nutella, sugary dishes, wasting food”.

My daughter: “Pollution, shopping malls, fast food, shopping (this is a shame)”.

4. What does Mummy do to please you?

My son: “She gaves me gifts, pocket money, a roof over my head, love”.

My daughter: “She offers me summer camps, sneakers, we discover new countries”.

5. How old is Mummy?

Both replied 37.

6. How tall is Mummy?

Both replied 5 feet, but I think I am a bit taller 😉

7. What is Mummy’s favorite activity?

Both replied yoga.

8. What does Mummy do when you are not present?

My son replied “She works” and my daughter added “on her projects”.

9. What color are Mummy’s eyes?

According to my son they are brown and for my daughter they are dark green.

10. If Mummy was famous, who would she be?

My son replied that it would be a good thing for me to become famous while my dauther answered “A wealthy person”.

Children raised by a single mother are often very aware of money, having a budget, price of stuff in general.

11. What is Mummy good at?

My son: “Yoga and kindness”.

My daughter: “Cooking for her kids and house cleaning”.

12. What is Mummy not good at?

My son: “Wrestling just for fun”.

My daughter: “Gymnastics and lifting heavy weight”.

13. If Mummy was a super hero, who would she be?

My son: “Supermummy”.

My daughter: “Superwoman”.

14. What does Mummy like to eat?

My son: “Dates, bananas, olive oil”.

My daughter: “Large dishes in a giant bowl (then she has a big belly afterwards)”.

15. Are you proud of Mummy?

Both replied that it depends in which area.

16. What are we doing together?

My son: “Laughing, punishment, playing”.

My daughter: “Very rarely we go shopping, we eat together”.

17. Do we look alike?

My son said no and my daughter added “Not at all”.

18. How do you know that Mummy loves you?

My son: “She is kind, she takes care of me, she cares for her children”.

My daughter: “She does not say yes to everything, she does not own a TV so that we are clever”.

19. What is Mummy’s favorite place?

My son: “The kitchen and the garden”.

My daughter: “The kitchen, her working place, the beach”.

20. What does Mummy look like?

My son: Mummy looks like an extraterrestrial with a strange taste”.

My daughter: “Mummy looks like a weird lady with short hair”.

My friend my sister, try asking these questions to your children and let me know!

Amazing game to play with our #children #selfawareness @etincelles_d_ames

Why did you do that? When #children misbehave

Why did you do that? When #children misbehave

My son did what is considered a very big mistake at school. Many teachers told him off.

He confided in me that he was aware his behavior had been bad.

He added that he had been touched by the gym teacher because she had been the only one to ask him: “Why did you do that?”



Why having #compassion towards each other as mothers is so important

Why having #compassion towards each other as mothers is so important

When I was in my twenties, I didn’t grasp the importance of sisterhood. I was so insecure that I thought my only quality was my good looks. Therefore, I was always comparing myself to other women to make sure I could stay afloat and not be the ugly duck. I was wrong.

I believe that sisterhood is what makes women brilliant, beautiful and strong. I believe that when women come together they are also a better partner to the man they love.