Why this is so unfair to be a #singlemother (or not)


Why this is so unfair to be a #singlemother (or not)

Sometimes I feel life as a single mother is so unfair. I want to live in an abundance mindset so I try not to say to my daughter that I cannot afford what she wants. However, she asks me so many things!

Moreover I know that children need a lot of attention and I am only a human being. Of course it is fantastic to be able to live within an intentional community when you are a single mother.

Nevertheless, when I hear myself start to complain about being a single mother, I quickly remind my self that some people experienced far more dramatic situations but came out of it stronger. I think of Teal Swan and everything she had to go through. When I see her now, so inspiring and vibrant, I am left with one thing ony: gratitude for being alive.


What do you think my friend my sister?

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