How to make sure my #child has #goodgrades ? great #singlemum tips

How to make sure my #child has #goodgrades ? great #singlemum tips

My friend my sister, I know how hard it is when you are a single mum because you simply do not have time. However, even when working full-time and going to evening law classes, I managed to read to my children almost every night. It does not have to be long, sometimes 5 minutes is all you can get. However, these precious minutes are so helpful for kids. I really feel like being read to as a child is what made me a good pupil then student. It acts like a solid foundation. It makes writing so much easier.

I read to my children even after they know how to read. This is an inexpensive and loving way to ensure they have good grades at school. That being said, being happy is even more important than good grades. However, spending time cuddling with a child to read a book is priceless.

The book I present today is Momoko by Coby Hol.



What do you think my friend my sister?

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