How the honesty and bravery of my son changed me life #inspiration

How the honesty and bravery of my son changed me life #inspiration

It was a big truth. It took him courage to say it out loud to me. There was some issue with his teacher. Shaming was involved.

I cannot stand the act of shaming people, especially children. I could feel anger rising in my throat when I thought of a colleague. I had the pleasure to share some breakfast with him a few weeks ago.

He was delighted to talk to me about his children. I could recall his face when he proudly said to me that he moved his daughter from one school to another under a week because there was an issue with a teacher.

This precise event gave me the strength to act, even though I felt all my plans were destroyed in that minute. I had put my children at boarding school for the week because I was finishing work very late at night.

Moving my son back to his previous school meant I could not carry on working like crazy. It changed my life. I quit the law firm. I started working from home.

Then I moved to another country to save my health and my wallet. All this new amazing life was made possible by the honesty and bravery of my 9-year-old son.




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