Amazing game to play with our #children #selfawareness @etincelles_d_ames

Amazing game to play with our #children #selfawareness @etincelles_d_ames

Angie from @etincelles_d_ames on Instagram shared a very interesting game to play with our children in the form of questions. Please find them below together with my kids’ answers.

1. What does Mummy always say to you?

My son: “In life we are supposed to do what we love”.

My daughter: “Practice self-care”.

2. What does Mummy love?

My son: “Healthy yummy food, me”.

My daughter: “Her children, living food, yoga”.

3. What does Mummy do not love?

My son: “When I fight with my sister, nutella, sugary dishes, wasting food”.

My daughter: “Pollution, shopping malls, fast food, shopping (this is a shame)”.

4. What does Mummy do to please you?

My son: “She gaves me gifts, pocket money, a roof over my head, love”.

My daughter: “She offers me summer camps, sneakers, we discover new countries”.

5. How old is Mummy?

Both replied 37.

6. How tall is Mummy?

Both replied 5 feet, but I think I am a bit taller 😉

7. What is Mummy’s favorite activity?

Both replied yoga.

8. What does Mummy do when you are not present?

My son replied “She works” and my daughter added “on her projects”.

9. What color are Mummy’s eyes?

According to my son they are brown and for my daughter they are dark green.

10. If Mummy was famous, who would she be?

My son replied that it would be a good thing for me to become famous while my dauther answered “A wealthy person”.

Children raised by a single mother are often very aware of money, having a budget, price of stuff in general.

11. What is Mummy good at?

My son: “Yoga and kindness”.

My daughter: “Cooking for her kids and house cleaning”.

12. What is Mummy not good at?

My son: “Wrestling just for fun”.

My daughter: “Gymnastics and lifting heavy weight”.

13. If Mummy was a super hero, who would she be?

My son: “Supermummy”.

My daughter: “Superwoman”.

14. What does Mummy like to eat?

My son: “Dates, bananas, olive oil”.

My daughter: “Large dishes in a giant bowl (then she has a big belly afterwards)”.

15. Are you proud of Mummy?

Both replied that it depends in which area.

16. What are we doing together?

My son: “Laughing, punishment, playing”.

My daughter: “Very rarely we go shopping, we eat together”.

17. Do we look alike?

My son said no and my daughter added “Not at all”.

18. How do you know that Mummy loves you?

My son: “She is kind, she takes care of me, she cares for her children”.

My daughter: “She does not say yes to everything, she does not own a TV so that we are clever”.

19. What is Mummy’s favorite place?

My son: “The kitchen and the garden”.

My daughter: “The kitchen, her working place, the beach”.

20. What does Mummy look like?

My son: Mummy looks like an extraterrestrial with a strange taste”.

My daughter: “Mummy looks like a weird lady with short hair”.

My friend my sister, try asking these questions to your children and let me know!

Amazing game to play with our #children #selfawareness @etincelles_d_ames

What do you think my friend my sister?

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