When the city girl needs to live in #nature #countryside

When the city girl needs to live in #nature #countryside

Let’s break loose of rigid identities. We are ever-changing and always growing.

I was the perfect city girl, so at ease in the urban jungle.

Then one day, all of a sudden really, I felt called by nature. I could not handle the polluted air anymore. I moved from a world of grey concrete and subway noises to a beautiful and peaceful countryside.

I feel so blessed to have followed the current of my intuition. I feel guided within life, as if I was moving like a flowing river.

Of the fear of #abandonment or reply to Sophie #innerchild

Of the fear of #abandonment or reply to Sophie #innerchild

A woman from our beautiful community asked me a question about the fear of being abandoned, which can in some cases be inherited from one parent.

I am aware that such anguish can be transmitted by parents to their children. I also felt such fear so much in the past, inasmuch as it made me walk on dangerous life paths. Lack of love is different from physical child abuse. The fear of not being loved can stem from a lack of support, warmth and encouragements. Scientific evidence of the necessity to love a child has been brought by a fascinating book written by Sue Gerhardt “Why love matters” (How affection shapes a baby’s brain) available in both English and notably Spanish.

Today I focus on the myriad of ways which help alleviate the pain of my inner child. I cannot change nor cure the past and its wounds, but I can right now decide to help my crying inner child.

The version of me when I was a little girl needs reassurance and comfort, brought today by meditation, being in nature, enjoying the company of people I love, practicing daily yoga and reading uplifting books.

In today’s video, I mentioned the amazing work of Bridget Nielsen, Hans Wilhem, Patricia Darré (in French), Franck Lopvet (in French) in this regard.

Whatever your past my friend my sister, your present actions are what matter. They can turn your life around if you choose to do so. Your suffering is real but not meant to hinder you from living your present life. Could we find healthy ways to soothe it and find pleasure and joy today?



Why Love Matters has been translated into many languages:

Of the behavior of women who have been abused or opening our mind

Of the behavior of women who have been abused or opening our mind

Each one of us has a different way to cope with extreme abuse. The behavior of people is only an appearance. It cannot give clues as to what happened in the past. Some people scream and cry their pain while others use addictions to smother the hurt.



How to deal with #holidayseason in a different way or #douceursauvage interview

How to deal with #holidayseason in a different way or #douceursauvage interview

If I say #divinefeminine and #ecofriendly lifestyle, if you like women who do not take themselves seriously but who have excellent ideas on serious matters, if you feel exhausted after the last holiday season, then our guest today can make you enjoy the next holiday season in a more peaceful way.

Her name is @douceur.sauvage on Instagram which is French for Wild Softness. We started the interview (available in French here) asking ourselves if it was a good idea to lie to our children about the existence of Father Christmas.

Then we moved the gifts and @douceur.sauvage taught me how to wrap presents in fabric: this beautiful ecofriendly practice is called Furoshiki. I was very impressed! This is a brilliant idea which saves so many paper.

On a practical level, she suggested turning all our parties into pot luck. The idea is to allow the hosts to feel rested and ready to enjoy the gathering instead of running around like crazy and cooking for 12 people, while the guests can proudly share a traditional dish they lovingly made themselves.

Lastly, Marie-Laëtitia from @douceur.sauvage shared some of her wisdom about the lunar cycle and how it can influence our lives as women. Far from typical New Year’s resolutions which can feel strict and sometimes harsh on our body, she suggests we look at each new moon cycle as a rebirth. We can look back on each month and set intentions for the coming one in a kind and loving way, making sure our whole year is a time for new beginnings.

How to deal with #holidayseason in a different way or #douceursauvage interview

How to deal with #holidayseason in a different way or #douceursauvage interview

How to deal with #holidayseason in a different way or #douceursauvage interview

How enjoying a #routine can help with #PTSD

How enjoying a #routine can help with #PTSD

I am unable to understand some things in life, not at an intellectual level but on the sensations plan.

The first one is boredom. Life is so rich and colorful that I cannot imagine how it is to feel bored. The second one is how routine is often viewed with disdain.

However, a shift in perspective can be operated even here. I find that PTSD is relieved when we take care of ourselves with loving kindness. I find that having a routine is part of that. I like the certainty of a routine. It helps me to deal better with the uncertainty of life.



What about #homeschool and positive education?

What about #homeschool and positive education?

I teach children on Preply. They learn French with me but it is usually their second or third language. Many of them are homeschooled. They are so smart!

I feel drawn to giving homeschooling a try with my own children. However, I feel it is important for homeschooled kids to meet other kids on a regular basis. I also worry about not having anymore time to work on clairesamuel.com.

Have you experienced homeschooling as a single mother my friend my sister?




What is my feeling about working in a law firm? reply to your question

What is my feeling about working in a law firm? reply to your question

I am passionate about law. When I was 19 years old, I started law school to become a judge. Then I dropped out because I thought I was not good enough. At 33 years old, I went back to law school as a single mother of two. This time I decided I would finish it no matter what. I became a lawyer. I absolutely loved working with clients and colleagues within a law firm. However what remains is exhaustion. I worked so hard to pass the bar exam. Then, after a year of working like crazy as an intern in a big law firm, I realized I could not handle the 14 hours a day anymore. My body refused to carry on. So I quit the law firm to write books and teach French instead. The passion for law remains tough!