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What is the only object I kept from my #childhood? memories and #minimalism

how minimalism helped me to stay so light and free that I could move abroad in a very easy manner


What is the only object I kept from my #childhood? memories and #minimalism

A small Japanese music box. It is the only object from my childhood which remains. Not because I lost all my stuff, but because I choose to feel light and free.

I had to move homes multiple times in my life. Moving always requires a good organisation and logistics skills. Nevertheless, I never felt the weight of belongings, nor did I was ever prevented from moving because of material goods.

I left France for Africa with only one suitcase. With the music box. However, I moved there with a heart full of magnificent memories, of the warmth of the people I love and of the pleasure experienced by the children and I in various places we went together. So much lightness. So much freedom.



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