Of the fear of #abandonment or reply to Sophie #innerchild

Without negating the fear of being left alone, we can overcome it by focusing on inner child work, soothe the pain and enjoy our present life

Of the fear of #abandonment or reply to Sophie #innerchild

A woman from our beautiful community asked me a question about the fear of being abandoned, which can in some cases be inherited from one parent.

I am aware that such anguish can be transmitted by parents to their children. I also felt such fear so much in the past, inasmuch as it made me walk on dangerous life paths. Lack of love is different from physical child abuse. The fear of not being loved can stem from a lack of support, warmth and encouragements. Scientific evidence of the necessity to love a child has been brought by a fascinating book written by Sue Gerhardt “Why love matters” (How affection shapes a baby’s brain) available in both English and notably Spanish.

Today I focus on the myriad of ways which help alleviate the pain of my inner child. I cannot change nor cure the past and its wounds, but I can right now decide to help my crying inner child.

The version of me when I was a little girl needs reassurance and comfort, brought today by meditation, being in nature, enjoying the company of people I love, practicing daily yoga and reading uplifting books.

In today’s video, I mentioned the amazing work of Bridget Nielsen, Hans Wilhem, Patricia Darré (in French), Franck Lopvet (in French) in this regard.

Whatever your past my friend my sister, your present actions are what matter. They can turn your life around if you choose to do so. Your suffering is real but not meant to hinder you from living your present life. Could we find healthy ways to soothe it and find pleasure and joy today?



Why Love Matters has been translated into many languages:

What do you think my friend my sister?

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