Which game are you playing in the matter? spirituality and clair #francklopvet

Which game are you playing in the matter? spirituality and clair #francklopvet

I sent an email to Franck Lopvet, who is a French clairvoyant. It read that I loved his work so much that I wanted to interview him and share his beautiful knowledge with my audience.

I told him a bit of my life as a way of introduction: how I escaped domestic violence, how I am still guilty that my children experienced abuse, my decision to work so hard that I became a lawyer as a single mother of two and lastly my move to Africa to live a healthier lifestyle.

His assistant kindly replied to me that he was too busy in 2019 to give me time. She added: “Congratulations for the game you are playing in matter“. I was flabbergasted. What if all of life was just a game anyway? The idea of a giant matrix in which we are simply video games avatars came to my mind.

I like to shift perspectives. This is what studying to become a lawyer taught me. You can be absolutely certain that one person did something, but when you hear the other side story, you may change your mind on the circumstances.

I play the game of shifting perspectives a lot. It allows me to keep an open-mind and compassion for people. Seeing my life as a game I play, as a conscious creator, is in a way much freeing and empowering. What do you think my friend my sister?




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