How to create a video #thumbnail for youtube? beginner level

How to create a video #thumbnail for youtube? beginner level

I do my very best, improving myself as I go.

This also goes for the behind the scenes of recording youtube videos. I was asked by a viewer how to create images for the youtube videos she started to create.

Here is my little how-to if, like me, you are not a graphic designer but want to do your best for your audience.

First I take a picture of myself because I like to show that there is a human being behind the videos I record. Then, I transfer this photo from my phone to my computer. I make it better-looking using the magic wand in the Microsoft photo viewer software.

After that, I reduce the size of my photo to 1240 by 760 pixels in Microsoft Paint.

Lastly, I choose a nice photo for the background of my thumbnail on Pixabay because their photos are free to use without copyright. I copy and paste such photo on a rectangle in Paint 3D. Then, I copy and paste the photo of my face, using the automatic selection tool in Paint 3D so that only my face is selected, not the background of the original photo.

I save it on jpeg and use it on my website, on youtube and also on Instagram.



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