Open hearted confessions of a #teenager #mother

How to deal with a teenage daughter who wants so many things when you are a struggling single mother doing your best?

Open hearted confessions of a #teenager #mother

She wants a second winter coat but I am a single mother who has to provide for three people.

She does not do many chores around the house but I refuse to force her to do some. She is sometimes very helpful and this is enough. What matters to me is that she is autonomous.

She wants to use her pocket money to buy an iphone while I still cannot buy a sofa nor shelves for the house.

Do I complain? No I assume my choices. I could have bought a rug and a sofa. Instead, my priority is to buy super foods like raw cacao first.

I teach her not to judge others. Therefore, I am not going to critize her choices.

Sometimes she shares about girls at school who hurt her feelings. Because she trusts me. The is the most important thing for me. I do my best to keep such a bond strong between us.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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