OMG I have gained #weight and why #stress

My body could not handlt the stress I submitted it to so it gained weight.

OMG I have gained #weight and why #stress

I have put on weight despite my raw vegan lifestyle. The reason has nothing to do with what I am eating, because it is magnificent living food, organic and freshly prepared with love.

No, the issue lies in the stress I submitted my body to. My beautiful body could not adjust and adapt anymore so it gained weight.

Now I have only one intention: to take care of my inner temple even more with the utmost tenderness and kindness. My friend my sister, I invite you on a journey back to a more harmonious body, mostly by getting rid of stress. We all have challenges to overcome, but we can choose to handle them with less worry. I feel the secret of a beautiful body lies therein.




What do you think my friend my sister?

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