When perfectionism leads to failure #suchashame

I was so sad when a friend of mine gave up on her career because she wanted to be eprfect and please others before herself.

When perfectionism leads to failure #suchashame

One of my friend was also a single mother when we were studying for our Law Masters. She learned French in Slovakia before coming to Paris.

She was passionate about law and wanted to be a lawyer since she was 5 years old.

However, she wanted to do everything so perfectly that she focused on the Master’s degree to the detriment of the bar exam preparation.

She passed her Masters but failed at the bar entrance. Nevertheless, instead of trying again the following year, she gave up. She was so smart, what a pity. Her career came to a halt just before the bar because she wanted to succeed perfectly.

Moreover, her desire was to go and live in Paris (she was living next to the sea on the French West coast). However, she wanted to please others, her daughter, her daughter’s father, her ex in-laws…. except herself.

Lastly, I remember one week-end we spent together at hers with our respective children. Her house was similar to her: as beautiful as a page from a glossy magazine. I guess it was taking much energy to maintain this.

We were both so exhausted because of studying and taking care of the children that we cut that nice week-end short. What remains when I think of her is this feeling of something unfinished, as regards to her, her life, her career.

Wanting to be perfect is not really living.



What do you think my friend my sister?

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