Why did I write my #book The Knot in the Spiral? #catharsis

I have written a book called The knot in the spiral to free my mind and my heart from a traumatic past while helping women to rebuild their own life.

Why did I write my #book The Knot in the Spiral? #catharsis

Writing is a passion of mine since high school. I remember the words of a French teacher at the end of the school year: “Continue to write Claire“.

Furthermore, writing allows me to liberate what weighs me down, to feel so much lighter afterwards. This is the reason why I have written The Knot in the Spiral, like an urgency, like a purification ritual.

However, The Knot in the Spiral could have stayed a journal, like many texts I have written then thrown away. Nevertheless, that time I felt moved by a calling to share and help other women to rebuild their life.

Indeed, my happiness is partly due to amazing women such as Gabrielle Bernstein and Tama Kieves. They had the courage and sincerity to share their story, their shame or their pain and how they transformed their life.

Lastly, my friend my sister, I wish I could convince you to create, even if it is not perfect. No project can be perfect. Had I waited for The Knot in the Spiral to be perfect, it would still be in a drawer. Go ahead my friend my sister, create and release it into the world!

What do you think my friend my sister?

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