How to use Lion’s mane or #raw salad #recipe

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Lion’s mane is an amazing medicinal mushroom which boosts the brain.

I tested it for the first time in my last Raw Living order.

The taste is not very strong so it goes very well into a salad dressing. I mixed a teaspoon of Lion’s mane with orange and lemon juice, salt and olive oil. Cumin powder is delicious in it as well.

A few tablespoons of red lentils will be amazing if you let them gently sprout during the whole night. This is why I do my salads in the evening for the next day, letting them marinate for a night in the fridge.

The salad itself is composed of zucchini, carrots and pumpkin noodles. Enjoy!

How to use Lion's mane or #raw salad #recipe

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How to use Lion's mane or #raw salad #recipe


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