The day the relationship with my neighbor changed form

I love raw honesty and feel so uneasy when people do me favors saying don't tell anybody.

The day the relationship with my neighbor changed form

My neighbor is the same age as my father. He often says that he considers me as his daughter. Indeed, I feel he is a father to me here in Africa.

When I was away for a week, he had my keys because I really trust him. The interesting thing is, whenever I move somewhere I have this intuitive feeling about whether I can confide my key in my neighbor or not.

Anyway, during my absence, he made me one of the most beautiful gifts ever because he knows me well. My kitchen was full of fresh fruits and vegetables when I came back from the airport. There was even a beautiful bunch of rosemary from his garden. I don’t feel like being the one sued to hide things from his wife. It makes me feel terrible.

However, he said something that made me feel ill-at-ease: “My wife doesn’t know about it. Please, let’s keep it between us“. Such words changed everything. Because it was not the first time I heard something like that, mixing secrecy and lies. The thing is, I refuse to be the weapon of the crime so to speak.

It actually made me think about a man who once seriously said something quite disturbing to me. I think he was serious, but clearly didn’t know me well. He was offering me the life of a princess in exchange for being his mistress. What??

This is why I wish every woman could taste what luxury feels once in her life. To demystify it. I experienced absolute luxury while feeling extremely sad and disappointed. Don’t be fooled my friend my sister.

A man can have a great credit card and make you enjoy it. This is very generous. It is often the result of hard work. Nevertheless, a strong man is someone who can say things even when it is difficult, who can tell the truth even when lies are easy and who is truly there for you.


What do you think my friend my sister?

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