What will remain of Tunisia in my heart are the people

I love Tunisia Africa and am so sad to leave this country because I experienced the most beautiful thing there: the kindness of its people.

What will remain of Tunisia in my heart are the people

Each time I fast, there is a gem in my day. Today I met two girls while walking my dog Caramel and their kindness struck me. They see me for the human being I am, they don’t stop their judgement at our differences. It made me think of a great interview (David Goggins Will Change Your Life | Rich Roll Podcast) in which David Goggins shared that according to him, the best antidote to hate and intolerance is to travel and meet different people. These two girls do not travel nor meet strangers, except me. However, they took me as I am, with such softness and grace.

I am blown away by the open-heartedness of people here in Tunisia and this is what is going to stay with me for ever. Thank you, beloved country for protecting my children and myself while we were on your land. Thank you for treating me with such care and kindness. For that, I am grateful. I will remember the people. Thank you.



What do you think my friend my sister?

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