How to know if someone is #trustworthy and being #vulnerable in relationships

Being open with someone we love is so amazing but it requires trust.

How to know if someone is #trustworthy and being #vulnerable in relationships

I love the word trustworthy and the quality it stands for. It is so easy to spot in someone else.

Have we confided something in a person in a moment of vulnerability? After all, we cannot be on the defense mode all the time. Sometimes we let the guard down and this is a beautiful thing my friend my sister.

How did the other react? Has the person kept our weakness like a treasure and a token of trust or has she used it against us in an argument for instance?

Then it is our responsibility to act with discernment. Yes it is possible to leave someone we still love if the person is not trustworthy. It is a sign of maturity and self-protection. I am not in a position to give lessons here, because I made that mistake in the past. However, it is less painful to be responsible. And believe me my friend my sister, there are so many people who are worthy of our trust out there.




What do you think my friend my sister?

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