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Knowing what we want in life #willpower and #choice

Relationships and food are so alike. Either we can choose instant gratification or we can save ourselves for what is healthy.

Knowing what we want in life #willpower and #choice

Do I want the real thing? If so, then I choose to save myself for it.

For instance, I have this female friend in Paris who is single. She recently told me she found a guy who is very nice but she has no hope of a future with him whatsoever because he is already taken. Basically she is his mistress.

No judgement of course, this is not my point here. What I imagine is: if tomorrow she meets a great guy, she will not be technically single. She will not have the space to welcome someone good and healthy.

However, if she chooses to remain single until she finds someone who meets her standards, then she can be truly available.

It makes me think of a great video by Alexi Panos in which she explains she made a list of three essential qualities she wanted in a significant other.

She did not lower her standards in order to avoid loneliness. She waited until she found a guy who had these three non negotiable qualities. He is now her husband (Preston Smiles).

I love simplicity. Either we are with someone or not. Either we make a great space in our life to welcome a worthy man or we fall for instant gratification.

Everything is a matter of choice and consequences.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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