Of being stuck in front of a closed door and having loved a ghost

I cannot believe I spent years loving someone without really knowing him. All of this because I was stubborn in front of a closed door.

Of being stuck in front of a closed door and having loved a ghost

I watched a video about #depression just because it was recorded by a woman I adore: Teal Swan. It helped me to understand that for many years I was stuck in front of a closed door, in the form of an unavailable man.

Nevertheless, I was stubborn and chose to remain stuck, wishing one day the door would open, instead of noticing all the magnificent windows which were wide open. I will not say I wasted time but I learned a lesson. Not only did I loved someone who was not ready to make space for me in his life, but I also loved a ghost. I was not seeing him clearly because I was high on the love chemicals people experience at first when they fall in love. I stayed there. I did not really know him as a friend. I never had the opportunity to spend time with this person.

I hope you live your life fully my friend my sister, always noticing the open windows when one door closes (very often it closes for the best).


What do you think my friend my sister?

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