In which world are you living my friend my sister? #loa

In which world are you living my friend my sister? #loa

The past and the pain? Our brain will look for more pain to validate these kind of thoughts, as the great Joe Dispenza eloquently explains.

It is our responsibility to identify what we want (see Laura Zanella in French for more about that) and the exact feeling we want to experience as Danielle Laporte says.

That way, we can choose to bathe our brain in the most delicious and grateful thoughts.

Of healing our relationship with our parents and #bulimia

Of healing our relationship with our parents and #bulimia

It’s been a while since I want to tackle the subject of bulimia, especially after having watched the excellent video by Teal Swan entitled “How to Overcome the Eating Disorder: Bulimia“.

Bulimia is a consequence of gaslighting. Parents of a bulimic person tend to deny her reality.

They say to her that she did not hear what she heard. She did not see what she saw. This created in me for instance a feeling of absolute loneliness and extreme insecurity.

Food was therefore a way to compensate and try to gain some relief, some safety.

What is the link between overcoming bulimia and feeling better about the relationship with my parents? Well, it comes down to looking at reality as it is, even when it hurts.

I used to idealize my parents so much. Taking the time to look at the things that were wrong helped me to move on. Furthermore, I do not have to live with them 24/7.

What remains is gratitude for everything they did for me, respect for that as well, compassion because they did their best and I am not perfect either, and love. Just love.

My friend my sister, bulimia stems from a feeling of not being safe. I find that getting to know myself better, really looking at things as they are, identifying what I really want in life, helped me to overcome the need for bulimia.

We can choose my friend. We can choose the people in our life. The food we put into our mouth. The life we want to live. We do not need to pretend that everything is perfect anymore. You are a beautiful human being who deserves to feel safe.

Blessings to you my friend my sister.

Of self-care or cysts and how important it is to think about health now

Of self-care or cysts and how important it is to think about health now

I know what it is to have one million things to do. However, I can physically attest how changing my life to aim towards a healthier life helped me.

Let’s slow down before it is too late. If you understand French, I found a great video about cysts. The message is: cysts occur in the body when it has too many toxins. So instead of getting rid of cysts, let’s first get rid of toxins so it doesn’t get worse and worse.




Neither paradise nor hell or #nobiases

Neither paradise nor hell or #nobiases

I love finance and had great work experiences there. Does that make me a bad person?

I met amazing and even spiritual people working in capital markets, while I had to put up with terrible personalities in areas which have a positive reputation like education.

This is not paradise nor hell. This is life. Everything is kind if grey because it depends what we make of it, the choices of action, our values and behaviors.




#Apricot and parsley #smoothie to welcome the sunny days

#Apricot and parsley #smoothie to welcome the sunny days

Simply mix in a blender 2 bananas, 6 apricots, half a bunch of parsley and 2 generous tablespoons of raw cacao nibs. So good!

#Apricot and parsley #smoothie to welcome the sunny days

#Apricot and parsley #smoothie to welcome the sunny days

My raw chocolate comes from Raw Living:

RawLiving Raw Living superfood store

How sleep allows to loose the weight faster – Weight loss Series Ep. 4

How sleep allows to loose the weight faster - Weight loss Series Ep. 4

I spent my twenties working and never sleeping. It never occurred to me how much damage I was doing to my body by not sleeping. When I was pregnant, I was working extra hours to pay an independent midwife for my daughter. I still remember the rides home in these famous London black cabs. I was always asking the cab drivers to be careful with the bumps on the roads because I did not want the baby in my belly to be hurt.

Afterwards when I got back to college as a single working mother, I suffered from severe insomnia because I had so much pressure on my shoulders.

Today I do my best to recover from it, but it hinders my social life. I cannot go out at night. I cannot enjoy it because I am tired.

Lastly, I recently discovered how lack of sleep is linked to weight gain. So the lesson is clear my friend my sister: sleep well so you can lose the weight you don’t need.

For more on the topic, make sure you watch the amazing video of Tom Bilyeu entitled “Why Sleep is More Important Than Diet | Shawn Stevenson on Health Theory“.





#Cashews paprika and basil #recipe or fresh and creamy dip

#Cashews paprika and basil #recipe or fresh and creamy dip

By trying to make one recipe, I created another one! Simply soak cashew nuts for one hour in mineral water with a pinch of sea salt, then drain them and mix them in a blender with lemon juice, a bit of olive oil, lots of paprika and fresh basil leaves.

This will make a perfect dip for cucumbers, carrots or celery sticks. You can also use this dressing with zucchini noodles.

Lots of love my friend my sister. Yep, this is an ingredient 😉

My initial recipe involved kelp noodles 😉

#Cashews paprika and basil #recipe or fresh and creamy dip



What I will do when I am #rich

What I will do when I am #rich

I know one day I will be wealthy, far more than today, even though I feel abundant now. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and I can travel.

One day my streams of income will bring me more consistent revenue. My daily life will be structured around my morning routine as it is now. I will keep waking up at 5am, doing meditation and yoga in the morning.

Two things will change though. I will enjoy a nice early morning stroll in the garden of my house near the sea, feeling full of gratitude and charging my batteries before going out into the world with an attitude of service. Second, I will pay somebody to help me with cleaning the house.

What about you? What will you do when you are rich my friend my sister?



The thing I am the most proud of #divinemasculine

The thing I am the most proud of #divinemasculine

Sincerely, I do not know how I did it. Despite the abuse, I never fell into the trap of being resentful towards men. Quite the opposite actually. I have only admiration for men.