Expressing #emotions while refusing to indulge in self-pity

06 mai exprimer th

I refuse to indulge in self-pity because I had an argument with someone I love. Words are sometimes not enough to communicate but I will always try to do my best to express myself. Yes it can be messy sometimes.

I used to be terrified of having a conflict with a loved one. Now I see it as a make or break situation. If the relationship breaks, it was not meant to be.

I want to be able to say the truth. I don’t want to repress myself in order to avoid conflict. I don’t want to hear the loudness of a silence full of resentment. I need clear communication, even if it means it is not perfect and involves crying and forgiving.

The people we love deserve truth and honesty.

Expressing #emotions while refusing to indulge in self-pity



What do you think my friend my sister?

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