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Of peace and women or war and gender integration to build peace

I recently discovered the concept of gender integration and I find it fascinating.

Of peace and women or war and gender integration to build peace

What is gender integration? It means that by taking into consideration the role of women when building peace after an armed conflict, the likelihood of a long-lasting peace is greatly increased.

Moreover, I feel like we need to talk more about the invisible consequences of war for women, as one of my students is currently working in a war zone for a peace keeping mission. For instance, domestic violence is often on the rise when men have to be soldiers, while many women find themselves all alone to take care of the children.

I need to share on this topic today to detach my attention from my minuscule little life and try to promote as much as possible harmonious relationships between men and women. Aggressive feminism is so old school. We are no longer one gender against the other, as in a war.

Nowadays, we realize that we do need each others, men and women. We can build from our respective qualities to build a safer world and long-lasting peace.


What do you think my friend my sister?

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