How do I feel with this person? #intuition

Knowing if the person is right for us is a matter of connecting to our intuition and how we feel.

How do I feel with this person? #intuition

How to learn to connect to our intuition to identify whether we are in a healthy relationship? This is a learning path of course, but everything is possible, even if in the past or still now you are terrified of being alone or believe in a low self-worth.

Do you feel at ease or are you on your guards? Are you becoming the best version of yourself every day or do you tell yourself that you are lucky that such an extraordinary person is with you?

Does this person energizes you my friend my sister? Or are you scared of expressing yourself? Does this person makes you feel light and comfortable? Or are you worried about making a mistake and loosing the love?

This is a matter of intuition and connection to our core feelings.



What do you think my friend my sister?

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