Weight loss Series

How sleep allows to loose the weight faster – Weight loss Series Ep. 4

I overlooked the importance of sleep so much. This is a shame because it is one of the ingredients of weight loss.

How sleep allows to loose the weight faster - Weight loss Series Ep. 4

I spent my twenties working and never sleeping. It never occurred to me how much damage I was doing to my body by not sleeping. When I was pregnant, I was working extra hours to pay an independent midwife for my daughter. I still remember the rides home in these famous London black cabs. I was always asking the cab drivers to be careful with the bumps on the roads because I did not want the baby in my belly to be hurt.

Afterwards when I got back to college as a single working mother, I suffered from severe insomnia because I had so much pressure on my shoulders.

Today I do my best to recover from it, but it hinders my social life. I cannot go out at night. I cannot enjoy it because I am tired.

Lastly, I recently discovered how lack of sleep is linked to weight gain. So the lesson is clear my friend my sister: sleep well so you can lose the weight you don’t need.

For more on the topic, make sure you watch the amazing video of Tom Bilyeu entitled “Why Sleep is More Important Than Diet | Shawn Stevenson on Health Theory“.





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