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How was May 2019 or #myownmonth

I love reflecting on the past month looking for insights and what made me grow as a human being.

How was May 2019 or #myownmonth

In May I realized that my mind was feeling heavier than it usually does. I got back to the habit of listening to Abraham Hicks in the morning and it was so soothing (in books also).

I end this month with the knowing that life is always bringing me magnificent and extraordinary things on the path. It is my job to have the eyes and the heart open enough to receive them.

I already have in my mouth the sweet and sour taste of the departure from Africa to Europe. I take care of formalities, end of the renting contract, booking flights… Moreover I feel a joyous anticipation gently merging with the sorrow of leaving a land which felt so maternal.

My personal solution in these kind of times is to put one foot in front of the other, to avoid asking myself too many questions and feeling too much sadness.

I am delighted that my son can attend a new school and that my daughter is overjoyed to go back to living in a city again, as she does not share my love for the countryside 😉

I keep in my heart one lesson: we need each other. I am nothing without people around me, while one of the things which brings me the most satisfaction is to communicate with others, for instance during the youtube and instagram live streams I regularly do.

The question asked by Justine, who is the beautiful woman behind this monthly exercise (more about it here) is: For the upcoming month, I decide to change…

Well, in June, I decide to change my perspective on things, to keep in my head that each cloud has a silver lining. I was not aware it was a real physical occurrence, before I recently came back from a stroll at sunset. As the sun turning orange, I could clearly see all these clouds, surrounded by this magnificent and very bright silver lining. I was awe struck. It made me think of a quote I always loved by Maya Angelou : “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud“. As one friend once told me I was like a ray of sunshine, I feel so blessed that I can interact with and write for beautiful souls like you my friend my sister, thanks to clairesamuel.com, the youtube channel and the Instagram. Maybe it can help someone somewhere…

The photo of the month is my living room door with a view on the terrace on which I have been taking all my meals since the end of winter, under the sun, in the peaceful countryside soundtrack and with heart filled with joy and gratitude.

How was May 2019 or #myownmonth

What do you think my friend my sister?

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