Divine femininity or we are godesses sister

Choosing to promote positive things rather than fighting against

Anti-abortion laws have been enacted but I will choose peace instead of hate.

Choosing to promote positive things rather than fighting against

I deliberately choose to put my attention on the great men who are courageous enough to promote good causes and put themselves into other people’s shoes in a respectful way.

I have no words to describe how these anti-abortion laws for women who have been raped make me feel. I am not going to point the finger at the white men who passed such laws.

It is far more pleasurable and effective to think of the majority of amazing men out there. The majority of men deserve our attention and praise.

Everybody chooses what their purpose is in life. I choose to promote good things, not to fight against.

Today I choose to give praise to 25 men I admire:

1. Tom Bilyeu

2. Joe Dispenza

3. Jay Shetty

4. Eckhart Tolle

5. Tony Robbins

6. Dan The Life Regenerator

7. Markus Rothkranz

8. David Wolfe

9. Preston Smiles

10. Michael Sandler

11. Roberto Blake

12. Ed Mylett

13. Lee Harris

14. Russell Brand

15. Yuval Noah Harari

16. Dr Habib Sadeghi

17. Seth Godin

18. Tim Ferriss

19. Brendon Burchard

20. Thierry Casasnovas

21. Jacques Salomé

22. Franck Lopvet

23. Gregory Mutumbo

24. Christophe André

25. The men who belong to my private life which I cannot name but which I love far more than all the others

What do you think my friend my sister?

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