Do you feel guilty to be #depressed or it happens to all of us

Everybody is the same even if the appearances can give us the impression of the opposite. Depression can happen to every woman.

Do you feel guilty to be #depressed or it happens to all of us

If I talk to you about Gabrielle Bernstein, you may picture in your head this amazing, gorgeous and brilliant woman, who is successful and recently has been blessed with a baby.

However, she also experiences bits of depression. Recently on her Instagram account, she shared how she is handling postpartum depression.

I was so touched by her authenticity. This woman who wanted a baby so much for years also experiences depression. Yes she is so beautiful, wealthy and married to an amazing man, she is a great spiritual teacher, yet she also feels blue sometimes.

May we never feel guilty if it happens to us.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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