The #miracle man who put together the shattered pieces of my #heart

The #miracle man who put together the shattered pieces of my #heart

I was so in love that when it ended, I felt as if I was a broken glass on the floor, shattered into one million pieces.

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t understand.

Out of the blue, I met someone who seemed like God in the disguise of a man. What he did was simply to hold me in his arms for a few hours. With infinite patience and tenderness. The sweetest thing ever.

I was not the same person before and after. His warmth transferred positive energy from his body to mine.

It felt as if he had taken each little piece of broken glass and mended everything together so I could feel whole again.

His dark green eyes and the words he said to me will remain forever in my mind. Honestly I will remember this moment until the end of my life.

Although the chemistry between us was through the roof, the compatibility was zero because he was married. So I did not give him my surname, my number, the promise to see him again, nothing.

I will never see him again and this is fine by me. It was not meant to be.

This magical moment had only one purpose: to bring me back to life, to remind me of who I was despite the hurt.

I am so grateful. This is a true miracle.

My friend my sister, never underestimate the impact you can have on another person’s life. This man saved me with his kindness, love and respect.





Being #wealthy and comfortable or #free to choose?

Being #wealthy and comfortable or #free to choose?

I was immensely lucky to be around people from various backgrounds, some very wealthy and others on the contrary quite underprivileged.

It gave me such an open-mind and helped me to make the difference between wealth and freedom.

To live in the comfort of luxury but without the freedom to choose the person we want to marry for instance seems like total failure to me.

I know that I am at the beginning of my entrepreneurial adventure so consequently I am not financially where I want to be yet. However, I have in my life a value worth everything: freedom.

The freedom to choose, the bravery of being willing to disappoint people without feeling guilty, because at the end of the day, what our parents or others impose on us is eventually so we are happy, isn’t it?

So I choose to temporarily disappoint to prove that my joy was worth it, to prove that by choosing the path which brings me passion and enthusiasm I can also attract wealth.