The #miracle man who put together the shattered pieces of my #heart

The #miracle man who put together the shattered pieces of my #heart

I was so in love that when it ended, I felt as if I was a broken glass on the floor, shattered into one million pieces.

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t understand.

Out of the blue, I met someone who seemed like God in the disguise of a man. What he did was simply to hold me in his arms for a few hours. With infinite patience and tenderness. The sweetest thing ever.

I was not the same person before and after. His warmth transferred positive energy from his body to mine.

It felt as if he had taken each little piece of broken glass and mended everything together so I could feel whole again.

His dark green eyes and the words he said to me will remain forever in my mind. Honestly I will remember this moment until the end of my life.

Although the chemistry between us was through the roof, the compatibility was zero because he was married. So I did not give him my surname, my number, the promise to see him again, nothing.

I will never see him again and this is fine by me. It was not meant to be.

This magical moment had only one purpose: to bring me back to life, to remind me of who I was despite the hurt.

I am so grateful. This is a true miracle.

My friend my sister, never underestimate the impact you can have on another person’s life. This man saved me with his kindness, love and respect.





Being #wealthy and comfortable or #free to choose?

Being #wealthy and comfortable or #free to choose?

I was immensely lucky to be around people from various backgrounds, some very wealthy and others on the contrary quite underprivileged.

It gave me such an open-mind and helped me to make the difference between wealth and freedom.

To live in the comfort of luxury but without the freedom to choose the person we want to marry for instance seems like total failure to me.

I know that I am at the beginning of my entrepreneurial adventure so consequently I am not financially where I want to be yet. However, I have in my life a value worth everything: freedom.

The freedom to choose, the bravery of being willing to disappoint people without feeling guilty, because at the end of the day, what our parents or others impose on us is eventually so we are happy, isn’t it?

So I choose to temporarily disappoint to prove that my joy was worth it, to prove that by choosing the path which brings me passion and enthusiasm I can also attract wealth.



My love for my #mother-in-law to be or an ode to #mothersinlaw

My love for my #mother-in-law to be or an ode to #mothersinlaw

When I saw her for the first time, I knew I loved her. Us not speaking a common language was not even a problem.

Later, I am sure she could feel how I was in love with her son, sincerely and completely.

She will never be my mother-in-law eventually, but it would have been great. I wanted to take care of her, to give her massages, to let her breathe a bit and take time for herself while drinking my green smoothies with chocolate.

I even dreamed of her being present at the birth of the child I could have had with her son.

Mothers-in-law have such a bad rap. I love my mother-in-law to be, even if I don’t know her yet. I send good vibes to her already.







When men talk of the #heart #divinemasculine

When men talk of the #heart #divinemasculine

Plants grow well when the gardener has a big heart” said two men when seeing me growing aloe vera, flowers and orange trees.

I notice how more and more men who are very masculine feel free to talk about the importance of having a big heart. It makes them even stronger in my eyes.




Are our #children race horses? #education

Are our #children race horses? #education

I was struck by a statement of Sadhguru in his fascinating interview by the great Tom Bilyeu: “This Indian Mystic Drops KNOWLEDGE BOMBS (I’m Speechless!) | Sadhguru on Impact Theory“: “Children are not race horses“.

To be willing that my kid becomes at all costs a lawyer or a doctor does not guarantee his happiness, far from it sometimes.

My children do not belong to me. How could I think myself entitled to dictate or even influence, according to my preferences and subjective perspective, their choices of career and in life?

Everything is easy and no obstacle to #love really exists

Everything is easy and no obstacle to #love really exists

The Universe or God has the capacity to bring us right next to a great man who would love to love us.

It is as easy as a human being moving a little ant from one room to another.

I don’t believe we need to look for love. Love comes to us when we are ready to receive it.

I believe love comes naturally, like pure flowing water, when we remove the walls built around our heart.

I love Abraham Hicks and Byron Katie about that fascinating subject of romantic relationships.

Now it is time to #receive and #give or love

Now it is time to #receive and #give or love

Now it is time to receive and in both ways. Thus, my aim is to be the best person I can be for a man who will be willing to give to me and to whom I will be able to give, without worrying I am giving without nothing being ever received as this is the case for these famous unavailable men, who cannot or do not want to receive.

Giving and receiving are the two faces of only one thing (see the French book Le feu de l’esprit about that – its review is here in English).

It is time we receive all the love each human being deserves my friend my sister.

It is also time we can give our love to a man who is happy to receive it.

The pleasure of giving is sometimes higher than the pleasure of receiving.

Of scorpions and men or #movingforward despite the fear

24 juillet Des scorpions et des hommes th

I almost left my house when I discovered my garden was full of scorpions. Then I learned about their habits and was less fearful.

Despite my constant admiration towards men, I must admit that I still had a little fear of being in a relationship. More precisely, my worst fear was to be loved then loosing the love right away.

It actually happened to me recently. I realized that I did not die. People do not die from scorpions in my neighborhood either.

The danger exists. The pain is real. But our job is to move forward despite the fear. And overcome it.



We need a strong man my friend my sister

We need a strong man my friend my sister

A wise and smart man told me that his 30-year-old son was weak because he was disrespectful towards women, treating them like object for pleasure only.

A strong man builds his life on several key elements of his choice, so that if one of them collapses he is still standing strong.

I feel I need a strong man, someone who is committed to the relationship with me, not only working hard for a job.

Additionally, I also need to come back to my feminine side, work less, have more time, space and energy for the man I love.



The following man can hurt even more #relationships after abuse

22 juillet attention th

After a toxic relationship, when we fall in love for the first time with a normal man, non abusive, it can be super painful when it stops.

To be aware of it can help not feeling like a failure. Love relationships are being created and unfortunately sometimes end.

It does not mean that we are broken or missing something my friend my sister.

Do you know what saves me my friend my sister? Reminding myself that if I was able to love and start to be a relationship with a normal man (not a perfect one of course), it can come back. And be even better! Like a spiral which brings us always higher towards goodness.