Of the importance of having a personal space #healthyrelationship and #love

 Of the importance of having a personal space #healthyrelationship and #love

Because healthy sexuality is both sacred to me and as important as quality food, I choose today to tackle the issue of maintaining physical passion while respecting our partner’s private space. Sex is absolutely sacred (more on that in a future video) and one of the most beautiful things in life.

I do believe in the absolute respect of the man I love. Of course it is possible to live under the same roof and keep a personal space, sometimes a room.

I like to link this to the mystery which should always remain in a long-term relationship. In that endeavor, I am supported by:

  • the great videos of Tom and Lisa Bilyeu (it was fascinating to watch how they changed their mind about sleeping in separate bedrooms to keep things hot),
  • Bridget Nielsen who underlines the importance of respecting the other person’s space in her video “5 Keys That Build A Healthy Romantic Relationship“,
  • the French author Jacques Salomé who is an expert on healthy sexuality and love and
  • Markus and Cara, who prove that physical desire goes exquisitely well with infinite tenderness when the two partners are sincere.


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