From abuse to sacred sexuality or to be #reborn my friend my sister

From abuse to sacred sexuality or to be #reborn my friend my sister

1. It is a process

To overcome physical or emotional abuse is the fruit of a real process, which has to take the necessary time.

Each one of us has her own way to rebuild her life and there is no perfect way to do it. To be reborn from the ashes like a phenix is done according to our personality, our circumstances, opportunities too.

Thus, some useful therapies like hypnosis or tapping can be useful to deal with post-traumatic stress with some of us.

I poured my pain into a book like a catharsis (The Knot in the Spiral). Then slowly, I began to rebuild my own unique personality, my tastes, my pleasure to be a woman.

2. Foundation rules of life

I love to create, I am very passionate, I follow my heart as much as possible, but I love to own values on which to align my actions, as much as possible.

I see men as admirable and magnificent human beings, not objects to find comfort. Therefore I do not want to use them.

Sexuality means reciprocal love in my life. However I refuse to judge how others can have different values. If you read my book The Knot in the Spiral, you understand how tolerant and open-minded I am towards those who do not share my way of thinking.

3. Health and happiness

Sexuality is for me a way to sublimate the love I feel towards a man. It is as important in my life as living food, fresh air and sunlight.

Sex and healthy living are linked and it is a way to honor the other person.

Some men use techniques to respect women even more by holding their fluids to avoid pregnancy and raise the amount of pleasure in both partners. Watch the video “Sex and Spirituality! Sacred Sensuality and Prana” about that if you are interested.

4. Purity

Fasting allows me to enjoy food even more while sexual abstinence helps me to make sex sacred.

Some women wait before marriage before having sex and I totally respect that even though it is not my choice (see “Why I’m a 32-Year Old Virgin“).

I am waiting to experience what reciprocal love is before having sexual intercourse so in the meantime I save myself and my energy for the man who will share sacred sexuality.

Lastly, some books to continue getting deeper on the subject of sacred sexuality: “Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm” by Nicole Daedone and “Ecstasy is Necessary: A Practical Guide” by Barbara Carrellas.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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