Now it is time to #receive and #give or love

Now it is time to #receive and #give or love

Now it is time to receive and in both ways. Thus, my aim is to be the best person I can be for a man who will be willing to give to me and to whom I will be able to give, without worrying I am giving without nothing being ever received as this is the case for these famous unavailable men, who cannot or do not want to receive.

Giving and receiving are the two faces of only one thing (see the French book Le feu de l’esprit about that – its review is here in English).

It is time we receive all the love each human being deserves my friend my sister.

It is also time we can give our love to a man who is happy to receive it.

The pleasure of giving is sometimes higher than the pleasure of receiving.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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