I do not understand anything about men #confession

I do not understand anything about men #confession

Like the character Jacques in the movie The big blue (https://amzn.to/2YlDuZy), when he puts his trainers on Enzo’ piano asking advice about women, I feel I need advice about men. Not from an outside source, but by analyzing what happened and following my intuition a bit more.

In the last videos published by the French clairvoyant Franck Lopvet (here and there), I was touched by the simplicity and the truth of the secret for a stable relationship.

The aim is simply to enjoy the presence of the other, fully, even if the relationship lasts only five minutes. If it lasts fifteen minutes more, then we can rejoice. Sharing a time together without thinking ahead is the magical secret of relationships.

Honestly I feel I am doing the exact opposite. Worrying.

But one of my students was explaining how she met her husband-to-be, not expecting anything from the relationship.

At the same time, I do not feel like entering a relationship without a minimum of commitment.

Moreover, in the amazing conference of Cristiane Northrup, she explains how the vagina actually has reflexology points. If the heart point is touched, to detach for the man concerned will be harder than to give up cocaine.

Also, I absolutely love men who have the bravery and the strength to make the first move. This is so masculine!

At the same time, I do not want to go back to an abuser who sees me as a prey.

Also, me not making any first move makes sometimes the men I love feel like I have no interest in them.

So I do not understand anything. But it will get better 😉


Why I give up weekly #fasting but I keep #intermittentfasting

Why I give up weekly #fasting but I keep #intermittentfasting

I am giving up fasting one day a week for now because I have too many things to deal with.

Nevertheless, I keep my little intermittent fasting ritual, in which I eat once a day with a big meal at noon.

Soon I will go back to it but without forcing it. Loving flexibility and adaptability my friend my sister!


Is it #paradise to live in paradise?

Is it #paradise to live in paradise?

I left a grey and cold city to live in paradise.

I found a magnificent blue sky and soft warm nights.

I found beautiful landscapes and fresh living food.

However, I also discovered that having almost no social life and being isolated taking care of my children ruined everything.

I am so happy I made the move to go and live in paradise to realize what matters most: people in my life.



You go too fast too quickly #intense or are our #shortcomings really so?

You go too fast too quickly #intense or are our #shortcomings really so?

Some people tell me off for going too fast too strongly. Are you also being put down for your intensity my friend my sister?

Maybe we don’t have wisdom nor patience?

This is possible but at the same time I was able to wait for a man for over one whole year, I am a real Capricorn, very serious and trustworthy.

Maybe we don’t have the maturity required my friend my sister?

This is possible but at the same time life is sweet and short, I wasted too much time already in the past so I want to life this beautiful life fully.

Leaving a country and coming back for instance, is it a failure? Or a magnificent adventure, a life experience which made me grow and something that makes my life richer and will help me forever in the future?



Sweet and savory #summery #recipe with #zucchini and #apricots

Sweet and savory #summery #recipe with #zucchini and #apricots

Zucchini noodles married with diced apricots. Easy peasy.

You can add coconut oil, probiotics in powder form (mine come from Raw Living), fresh scallions, diced tomatoes and a few figs.

Enjoy my friend my sister!

RawLiving Raw Living superfood store

Sweet and savory #summery #recipe with #zucchini and #apricots

Sweet and savory #summery #recipe with #zucchini and #apricots


Behind the pain the #lessons #heartbreak

Behind the pain the #lessons #heartbreak

After a breakup, there is a time to cry and grieve.

Then comes the time to draw lessons from what happened to grow and move forward in life.

By listening to and reading what the fantastic Jay Shetty puts into the world, I could see myself in two great ideas which are lessons for me.

The first lesson is that not forcing love is a sign of maturity.

It is useless to run after a man who says no. Furthermore, it is not respectful.

The second lesson is that even if we terribly miss a man, it does not mean that the end of the relationship was a bad thing.

He left and this belongs to the natural order of things, even if it hurts. There may be a reason in it that I cannot see yet.

Behind the pain the #lessons #heartbreak

Behind the pain the #lessons #heartbreak


How not to take things personally in #reallife!

25 aout Comment ne pas prendre th

He is making a fool of me!

Who? My neighbor who wakes me up in the night because of his door slamming or my boss who writes so badly I can hardly read him.

Really? Not so sure!

If I choose not to take things personally, I can look further than the surface or my ego and I can grasp reality better.

My neighbor has such an issue with his door that he has to kick it so he can enter his flat.

My boss is so concerned with my situation as a single mother that not only does he raise my salary to the maximum of his capacity but he also offers me a loan shall I need one.

Not taking things personally is one of the four agreements from the famous book by Don Miguel Ruiz. If you love this author, I also recommends Mastery of Love, such a great book on romantic relationships my friend my sister.