How was July 2019 or #myownmonth

How was July 2019 or #myownmonth

In July, I settled into my new environment, familiar because I am in France and new because I have never lived in the South of France.


In regards to heart matters, I am getting over the heartbreak. I am so happy to succeed in overcoming this challenge. I remain a bit frustrated because when I was with this man I was really at my worst. I regret not giving him my best. At the same time, if we were not destined to be together, what’s the point of being frustrated about that if not because of my ego?


In regards to work, I am creating my own company, using the company Dougs to register it and do the accounting.

I am not in holidays but I love what I do so much that even if this is tiring, it does not feel like pain (latin meaning of the French word work: travail from tripalium).

The question asked by Justine, the French blogger who originated this challenge (more here) is:

What is your best strength?

My best strength is my intensity.

If this is something that some people consider a shortcoming, I confess that I love it.

This intensity was the thing that precisely allowed me to go back to college and become a lawyer while being a single mother of two with parents living far from me and not very close to me anyway.

This intensity was the thing that precisely made me love the men I loved with each cell of my heart and my body. If the love was not always reciprocal, it does not hinder the happiness of having sincere feelings for a man.

The photo of the month is a little spot in Marseille, before Pharo gardens, which I love.

How was July 2019 or #myownmonth



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