He chooses to #leave me and I say #thankyou

He chooses to #leave me and I say #thankyou

About one month prior to him leaving me, I felt a weird sensation. As if he then took the decision to leave me and I was able to feel it from a distance.

My intuition also tells me that leaving someone is almost as hard as being left. It is in one way the dirty job.

It makes me think of the great French relationship counselor and author Jacques Salomé, when he says that a relationship shall be like a Mozart symphony. Sometimes it doesn’t work even if both people love each other.

Out of respect for the next man I will be with my friend my sister, maybe we could decide to do what it takes to be truly available.

According to my humble opinion, it means getting free from all negative emotions that we can now feel, like resentment or anger.

I feel eternal love for the man who left me. This love will simply change forms so as to welcome a new man.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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