How not to take things personally in #reallife!

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He is making a fool of me!

Who? My neighbor who wakes me up in the night because of his door slamming or my boss who writes so badly I can hardly read him.

Really? Not so sure!

If I choose not to take things personally, I can look further than the surface or my ego and I can grasp reality better.

My neighbor has such an issue with his door that he has to kick it so he can enter his flat.

My boss is so concerned with my situation as a single mother that not only does he raise my salary to the maximum of his capacity but he also offers me a loan shall I need one.

Not taking things personally is one of the four agreements from the famous book by Don Miguel Ruiz. If you love this author, I also recommends Mastery of Love, such a great book on romantic relationships my friend my sister.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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