If our #exes were #angels or #alchemy or finding comfort somehow ;-)

If our #exes were #angels or #alchemy or finding comfort somehow ;-)

I am thinking about my exes, the men I loved, not the abusers of course.

I am grateful for my exes to have made me who I am today. They have been catalysts in my life, they made me grow and evolve.

My love for them does not mean that I talk to them nor see them.

I owe them so much. This beautiful vibe which is gratitude is enough to carry on living without trying to mix what belongs to the past to my present.

Technically I have three exes and two men I loved from afar without ever getting involved with them. Five loves. Always super short relationships, except one which lasted 13 years, on and off therefore quite short actually. I am confessing all of this to you so you feel less alone if this is the case for you as well my friend my sister.

I have never experienced a true relationship with a man and I never lived with someone else (except two violent persons).

Sometimes I feel like writing the name of the men I loved on tiny pieces of paper and place them on my desk. I see them as guardian angels now.

If I am honest with myself, they left me because they were not really available, physically or emotionally. It was not a lack of love.

So I choose to put aside my wounded ego and focus on love instead.

My exes protect me. It could be wishful thinking, but at the same time the world is full of very subtle and invisible yet very real things.

When I love it is for ever my friend my sister. I want to thank my exes while letting my heart completely available for an available and free man who will truly want to be with me.

Ode to the #childless women #notbeingamother

Ode to the #childless women #notbeingamother

Some women have children and some don’t. What’s the issue?

You can fulfill your full life potential without having kids.

Choosing not to have children does not make you less of a woman.

As you express your divine feminine, you are going to give birth to projects and beautiful creations anyway.

Being honest and making aware decisions is the bravest thing in a world of appearances.

My life as a mother would have been so much more difficult without the help of angels here and there.

Childless women who came to the rescue, as described in one chapter of the great book Committed by Elizabeth Guilbert (who does not have children).

I took the #decision to #fallinlove with myself

I took the #decision to #fallinlove with myself

Falling in love with myself instead of loving men who do not really want to be with me.

Falling in love with myself and following my passions and the activities which bring meaning to my life before dedicating myself to someone else.

In the video, I introduce you to four amazing women I love to follow on Instagram: Lyvia Cairo, Nataliethebeliever, Jemenbatsleclito et Maman Orange.

Lastly, keeping trust and patience so as to one day fall in love with a brave and trustworthy man who loves me for who I am.

I took the #decision to #fallinlove with myself

Why being on youtube? #mission

Why being on youtube? #mission

I am creating videos for you because it makes me feel alive.

Creating is like a ray of sunshine on a grey day.

Being able to answer your questions of one of the things that brings me the most happiness in the world.

All my videos are dedicated to you my friend my sister.

Lots of love as always,




2 tips against #indecision #meditation and #sensations

15 septembre 2 astuces t

Are you struggling to make a decision my friend my sister?

I found that meditating on it was a great first step. It also implies following the inner guidance we can receive that way 😉

Second, focusing on how we feel in our body when we consider option A then option B helped me tremendously recently.

I don’t go with what is logical or apparently reasonable. I go with the flow of my inner being who is watching my steps along the way!

My mistake in avoiding #seduction at all costs #authentic

My mistake in avoiding #seduction at all costs #authentic

I wanted to be as authentic as possible.

I did not want to use the disguise of seduction.

Because he loved me at my worst (physically), I was ready to give him my best and my all. As if the first period was like a test.

I never had the opportunity to give him my best side nor to be playfully seducing.

I do not know if this is the reason he left me but I feel it may have played a part.



Why do I need to #belong?

Why do I need to #belong?

I feel I have had this urge to belong since I am a child.

I dreamt of getting married one day just for the sake of belonging to the man I love.

However, something is bothering me here. If I am honest with myself, belonging also means that I want him to belong to me?

This is a no-no, a man is not an object and will never belong to me, however faithful and committed he is.

Also, I discovered that I was not the only one to have such expectations.

I loved hearing Elizabeth Gilbert with Chase Jarvis (“Elizabeth Gilbert: The Art of Being Yourself“) about writing all the crazy love sentences we wish someone would say to us, while knowing this is too much to ask from any human being.

It kind of takes the pressure away from an actual partner. No one can meet all my needs ever as Marisa Peer would say.

Lastly, I believe in equality in a relationship. My longing for belonging stops when a man treats me like his property.

Do you want to belong my friend my sister or are you already at peace with this feeling?