The best definition or #sisterhood or overcoming grief

03 septembre La plus belle définition th

I did not expect this. I shared a little Insta story (@clairesamuelenglish) as usual, as I do several times a day.

I was talking about the fact that I was angry at me for getting attached to this man so much.

I was holding him in high regard but I was not sure about his intentions towards me.

I promised myself not to get too attached. I had been waiting for over a year for him to make the first move.

Then I completely fell in love with him. I cannot do things without giving it my all. I am intense, I am a fire, committed and serious.

I really loved him but the relationship ended very quickly.

@douceur.sauvage reacted to my story by saying: “This is not failure. You respected your heart by partly abandoning yourself to this man. It is magnificent and it is aligned with yourself“.

I was bewildered. I went from thinking I was a failure to I respected myself. What a relief! I never saw things that way.

The truth is, my heart had been waiting for this man for such a long time. It is only normal that I was in a hurry and getting attached because it was so good.

I don’t have to beat myself up anymore. I didn’t make a mistake. I followed what was good at this moment. I did my best.

It is thanks to the words of a woman that I went back standing up on my legs. This is for me the most beautiful definition of sisterhood: to raise each other up, to support each other so each one of us can shine as bright as possible. Thank you @douceur.sauvage.

In my story, I also shared that I didn’t stop loving him. I will never stop loving him.

My love is simply going to turn into a delicious memory, with alchemy.

You too my friend my sister, you can decide to let your heartbreak be transmuted so that it leaves your heart fully available for a man who is willing to be with you.




What do you think my friend my sister?

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