What is the key to overcome #bulimia or thank you #TealSwan

I was bulimic because I had totally lost the sense of being myself, always trying to please others and conform to their expectations of me.

What is the key to overcome #bulimia or thank you #TealSwan

I discovered that bulimia had nothing to do with food thanks to Teal Swan in her video dedicated to bulimia (“How to Overcome the Eating Disorder: Bulimia” and also in this amazing interview “Teal Swan Eating Disorders + Bulimia + Addictions“).

Indeed, to get free from such an addiction requires to find a sense of self. We need to discover who we really are, our boundaries, our unique tastes and preferences, our own self. This is the key.

During a very troubled period of my life (I had just tried to commit suicide at 19), I painted two beautiful Chinese pictograms. I remember vividly the one meaning “me” in Chinese calligraphy.

I was thrilled to paint this, never having considered myself as an artist.

I was almost relieved, as if painting “me” in mandarin was the first step towards getting free from bulimia.

How to you find a sense of yourself my friend my sister?

It can take one thousand various forms.

For instance, the fantastic Bridget Nielsen shares how sleeping in her own bedroom at night added more excitement, attraction and passion to her romantic relationship (“5 Keys That Build A Healthy Romantic Relationship“), by allowing her to regain a sense of herself during the night.

Far from mainstream bias, let’s build our life by being fully ourselves, not trying to fit in the impossible image of what that others would like us to be.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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