Whatever you #sexualorientation #myfriendmysister

Whatever you #sexualorientation #myfriendmysister

I received my first homophobic comment on my French youtube channel.

I almost wanted to say: “You are such a joke man” (or maybe worse) but I thought this was not very lady-like.

So here is my reply to this man:

My friend my brother, I respect you and I respect your opinion too even though I do not share it.

You deserve respect and so do I.

According to my humble opinion, the world already suffered its fair share of tears, blood, hurt, pain, grief and fights.

You know what I am suggesting? To leave it at this. That we have the strength and the intelligence to not add to the existing pain.

Because our different points of view mask something bigger: that we all belong to a single and beautiful family: the human beings, gifted with rationality, awareness and the capacity to choose peace in all circumstances.

Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace.

All the best to you my friend my brother,


Moreover, I really want to share an amazing post by a woman I absolutely love on IG @laurafruitfairy. I think exactly like her on this topic:

Whatever you #sexualorientation #myfriendmysister

Lastly, I thought it was so moving to hear the immense writer Elizabeth Guilbert talk about the love of her life, sadly gone a short time ago, on the Oprah podcast.

She explains that when she shared the news of her romantic relationship with her readers, it did not even crossed her mind that some people were going to react differently by learning that her love was a woman.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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