All #habits are flawed? food and lifestyle

All #habits are flawed? food and lifestyle

Did you see the interview I made with Lena and Said owner of a fantastic raw restaurant? At some point, Said told me that all habits were bad.

He meant that eating once a day is a good thing but I should not stick to eating at the same time every day (noon) without listening to my body. Some days I may feel hungry before noon, or after.

It struck me because I am a big fan of discipline and good habits. However I do understand that the trap is trying to control things, which is an impossible endeavor.

So I stick to my routines and habits, like a morning routine of rebounding, meditation and yoga, then intermittent fasting. However I do not sweat the details too much. Some days I may do 5 minutes of yoga and other days 50 minutes.

And you my friend my sister, do you think all habits are bad?

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