When a #whitelie turns into a dark cloud

When a #whitelie turns into a dark cloud

The white lie creates a huge emotional distance between the two people concerned.

It is the sign of very low trust.

Even without knowing exactly what the lie was about, I could feel it hovering above one relationship I had.

The white lie was like a brake, preventing me from being totally at-ease, because I could feel something was off.

Furthermore, it made me very sad to realize that the man concerned did not trust me enough to let me know what happened.

When my intuition was confirmed, that white lie had nothing light about it. It was the weight which hindered the possibility of trust.

Because nothing is worse that silence and things not told. They destroy couples and families.

Nobody is perfect so may we dare to say the truth my friend my sister.

Sincerity and simplicity make my life so much easier.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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