Being #single to remember who we really are

Being #single to remember who we really are

I truly adore @Nataliethebeliever on IG. I am always super inspired by her posts as well as her stories.

Recently, I stumbled across a quote by her: “The purpose for being single is to discover yourself so deeply that you don’t lose yourself when you find the one“.

It was a aha moment. Because in the past I loved a man once.

So much so that in order to protect his career, I was ready to give up my youtube channel and my creations on IG.

I thought it would not be very sexy to have a wife talking on the Internet about periods, heartbreaks and rebuilding your life after abuse.

Today I enjoy this solitude period. I make my values and what is close to my heart evens stronger.

Like talking to you my friend my sister 😉

Being #single to remember who we really are

What do you think my friend my sister?

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