Me me me or how saying me I reinforces your self confidence

04 novembre Moi moi #moi th

ME, I did not imagine I would live the life I am living today, but eventually I take it as it is, as a whole, even if it is torn as my mother said it to me once to make fun of me.

ME, I decide to do my best, even if I sometimes have to fight a wind which is stronger than me. I put one step forward at a time, like a victory, like to confident whisper of the stream which knows that, in a few miles, it will become a majestic waterfall, very noisy and unapologetic about it.

ME, I do not know a lot. Therefore I choose to stay open. To look at life like a child, the head tilted on one side, a bit surprised, but thinking: “And why not?

To deepen the link between bulimia and a sense of self and boundaries, I highly recommend two videos by the great Teal Swan: “How to Overcome the Eating Disorder: Bulimia”  and “Teal Swan Eating Disorders + Bulimia + Addictions“.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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